Hoffman’s Fine Pastries

When we speak about European cuisine, we regard eating habits, which are delivered from one generation to the next becoming cultural identification. In order to save traditional foods from disappearing Hoffman’s applies featured preparation methods into its practices and offers many different types of cakes, pastry and other sweet goods in European style intended for various events including weddings. In Redmond you can hardly find better place serving a taste of Europe.

What is special about the place?

In the very center of the city you will feel very cozy at Hoffman’s. Modern location is situated in Cleveland Street and invites visitors from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is a pleasant advantage – a long street parking line that allows not worrying about leaving a car. It is a clean, well-lit and comfortable space with wooden square tables and glass showcases with a wide choice of patisserie and of course with their most famous cake – unimaginably delicious the Princess Torte decorated with nice creamy rose. They say it is like a flavored cloud – light, tender and delicious – not very sweet with a thin layer of jam and cream.

Hoffman’s Fine Cakes and Pastries was opened in 1984 by a couple of lovers of sweet goods - Ed and June Hoffman. At the beginning it was opened in Kirkland but soon the owners decided to sell it. New owners continue producing the most famous cakes popular with customers maintaining the high standards of the former owners. The move to Redmond became an expansion of business. Now the patisserie is located in much bigger premises situated in a new building. The success of this bakery is determined by its followers, which do not forget the Hoffman’s cakes, and by several awards, most recently the cover of the 2009 Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom.


In general the place is specialized in implementing birthday and wedding cake ideas in masterly fashion. Here the talented bakers and decorators work. Besides, every guest can enjoy a large choice of pastries and desserts for breakfast. If you want to have a bite, you will be offered lunches with soups, sandwiches, and salads. Every dish is homemade, and fresh, and beautifully served. You can get the best breakfasts in Redmond here! The highest quality products for them are freshly baked every day. The main ingredients are locally sourced and farmed. At Hoffman’s they use the best flour for their pastries and breads.

All their dishes you can see at their website. Here there is a page with breakfast and lunch, desserts and cookies, pastries, cakes. Bright online pictures of goods demonstrate all beauty of their decoration. Besides, Hoffman’s Fine Cakes and Pastries attract visitors with different introductions like serving particular plates on certain days with special price, developing cakes for holidays like cake covered with chocolate and decorated with strawberry for Valentine’s Day. The visitor can enjoy the strawberry mousse in this cake.

A lot of people come here daily taking a bite or two and see a great number of cookies, croissants, tarts, and all sorts of goodness upon entering the bakery. Such greeting makes you stay here for a long time in order to try this and that in quiet ambience. If you prefer too sugary cakes, you’ll be recommended to buy something with cream and marzipan, a mixture of sugar and almond flour. If you like spongy cakes, they offer you such pastry being well moist. The lovers of light and airy tiramisu cake with that special coffee flavors will be satisfied also. All those tasty things can be eaten with anything available for selection from espresso bar.